Covid 19 email

My Dearest Fred,

The day only begins, despite what the weather app says about dawn and sunrises and such, when your texts come. A day is really only worthy of note when it brings an email from Las Vegas. Now there are all sorts of devices to employ once the email is in your inbox. You leave it unopened, then with an air of pretended detachment you check the rest of your inbox. The Sierra Club is petitioning for their latest cause, your school chums are sharing the latest meme, so and so has sent an article about undocumented laborers and guess who has set up a go fund me page. Perhaps various jokers who have been nice to you in their way once upon a time like a post on your facebook page or invite you to an online group and so it goes. Then you stall. You decide to open the New York Times app. Or on a virtuous morning do your entire yoga routine. But usually you just plain succumb to that Nevada magnetism and rush through the email. Which, regardless of it’s length will always be too short. Then you relax and read it again. This can be an endless procedure or at least until it is so well memorized and you are so well mesmerized that you no longer see the words. And darling they are beautiful words, beautifully expressed and they mean so much. For some unknown reason you persist in calling yourself clumsy with your keyboard and you are not. Perhaps it is a little awkward for us to write instead of face timing but the wifi connection here is weak and it is difficult to have a meaningful conversation when there are so many dropped connections. Now, about my life in Seattle. The governor has decreed that the quarantine will last another month. I know we had looked forward to our Spring cruise around the Mediterranean but that looks to be impossible now. I am trying to keep active but as you know all the gyms are closed and I must resort to short walks outside and using my home gym equipment. To keep my mind active I have restarted my Duolingo practice, not just to improve my French but to also keep my spirits lifted with the thought that one day I will visit Paris again. Our store will remain closed for the duration of the quarantine but I have set up an option for people to buy our decorative socks online. But I make life sound bleak, I am still able to visit our local French cafe and get my favorite tarte citron and finally have time to catch up on all of those New Yorker magazines! Well, my darling, I suppose this is all I have to report today. I hope you are keeping yourself safe. It’s just such a shame that you decided to fly down to the Star Trek convention before the travel ban went into effect.

I miss you terribly,

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